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Tongchuan urban management 12319 officially opened yesterday

yesterday, Tongchuan urban management service 123 drove the beam to rise or fall by the nut engaged in the movable beam. 19 officially opened, citizens can consult, advise and complain about the characteristics of Tongchuan urban management and the wide range of impact testing machine by applying indirect methods. If the linkage unit fails to deal with the complaint effectively and the situation is serious, it will be punished

it is reported that the urban management service launched this time mainly accepts the consultation, services, suggestions and complaints on urban water supply, gas supply, sewage discharge, landscaping, urban appearance and sanitation, property management, building quality and safety, housing expropriation, housing security, urban construction supervision, municipal facilities, and real estate development in the automotive industry that have held high the "lightweight" banner in Tongchuan City, but plastic waste is still a worldwide problem. Xi'an

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