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The cost per ton was reduced by 1000 yuan, and the pilot test of the new generation of coal to ethylene glycol technology was successful

the cost per ton was reduced by 1000 yuan, and the pilot test of the new generation of coal to ethylene glycol technology was successful

September 12, 2018

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on September 9, at the Symposium on modern coal chemical industry and the new generation of coal to ethylene glycol industry held in Guiyang, The assessment results of the 1000 ton pilot scale industrial test of the new generation coal to ethylene glycol Technology (ncteg) have been released: the production cost per ton of product is about 3985 yuan, which is more than 1000 yuan lower than that of the first generation technology. Li Shousheng, President of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, said that the development of a new generation of technology will lead the direction of technological innovation and development of coal based ethylene glycol and enhance the competitiveness of coal based ethylene glycol products

according to the assessment results, the comprehensive energy consumption per unit product is 2.097tce/t, the feed gas consumption is 3006.1nm3/t, the ethylene glycol selectivity is greater than 95%, and the rate of high-grade products reaches 88.4% Compared with the next generation technology, it can effectively reduce energy consumption and reduce the catalyst cost of the new generation technology by more than 60%

"from the assessment results, this industrial test has been successful, which has opened up the process of China's non-ferrous metal import and export in 2015, showing the following characteristics, and the overall operation is stable. Compared with the first generation technology, the new technology has further optimized the process flow, strengthened environmental protection and safety control, significantly improved catalyst performance, better ethylene glycol product quality, and more advantageous production costs. We look forward to the early industrialization of the new technology." Hu Qianlin, Deputy Secretary General of the petrochemical Federation and Secretary General of the coal chemical industry special committee, commented on the technology

it is reported that the new generation of coal to ethylene glycol technology is based on the next generation technology of Fujian Institute of material structure, Chinese Academy of Sciences, after nearly 10 years of research and research. According to Yao Yuangen, the last person in charge of technology and researcher of Fujian Institute of physical construction of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the new technology has established a brand-new process and technical process; Three new catalyst systems have been developed to realize the efficient utilization of precious metals and the substitution of toxic metal chromium; The cost of ethylene glycol catalyst per ton decreased from 300 yuan to less than 100 yuan. "In addition, the acid content of the new technology acid containing wastewater is less than 0.01% after being treated by the dilute nitric acid catalytic reduction unit. The nitrogen-containing waste gas is discharged after absorption treatment, and the hydrogen and carbon containing waste gas is discharged after being burned by the torch." Yao Yuangen said

the 1000 ton pilot scale industrial test project of this technology is jointly implemented by the Fujian Institute of physical composition of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Guizhou Xinchun Energy Co., Ltd. The project was started in February 2017, and the whole process of the device was opened in May 2018. At present, more than 1000 hours of industrial test has been achieved, and qualified ethylene glycol products have been produced. The 300000 t/a industrial demonstration process package of this technology is currently being prepared, and the 600000 T/a coal to ethylene glycol project will blossom and bear fruit in Xingren County, Qianxinan Prefecture, Guizhou Province

At the meeting, Li Shousheng put forward suggestions for the future development of coal based ethylene glycol: first, promote technological progress to make the product quality meet the requirements of polyester production; Second, focus on the high-quality and differentiated development of products. While paying attention to the refinement and application research in the field of high-end polyester and silk like, develop technical routes for the production of polyglycolic acid and carbon from coal through dimethyl oxalate and dimethyl carbonate; Third, integrate with the chemical fiber industry, promote the diversification of chemical fiber raw materials, implement the coal based chemical fiber raw material demonstration project, and promote the transfer of polyester industry to the western region; Fourth, establish a technical standard system for coal to ethylene glycol industry

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