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Anhui Tongcheng's economy rose against the trend relying on printing and other characteristic industries

under the background of the generally gloomy economic situation this year, Tongcheng's large-scale enterprises completed an output value of 1.63 billion yuan in January and February, with a year-on-year increase of 63.95%, and completed a tax of 82.74 million yuan, realizing the adverse rise of economic development. In order to enhance the vitality and competitiveness of the regional economy, the city takes the characteristic industries as the focus and breakthrough of economic development, extends the industrial chain, improves industrial clusters, creates and supports a number of fist products and leading enterprises of characteristic industries, drives the development of the regional economy from traditional chemical industry to fine chemical industry, and walks out a benign development road

big business opportunities in small commodities

in Xindu, Shuanggang and Fangang towns in the city as a whole, there is a roar of machines, a busy scene, and the production mode of front store and back factory can be seen everywhere in the streets. Xindu town of the city has become one of the three major printing and packaging bases in the country, and Fangang town also enjoys the title of the hometown of brush making in the country. Although small commodities such as small packaging and small brushes have made limited contributions to the local finance and have not completed much tax revenue, they have made many clay legs ashore and become small bosses. A few years ago, they were family workshops, and now many factories have become leaders in the same industry. Is it certain that the elongation of the material after fracture will not change after 1 day? For example, the small factory I just built, which blooms in 10% of the land, not only solves the employment problem of local farmers, saves them the trouble of being far away from their hometown, but also has a considerable income while taking care of their families. These small commodities have indeed become a local industry to enrich the people. According to incomplete statistics, there are 30000 people engaged in the packaging, printing and brushing industries in the two towns, which has solved the employment of nearly one fifth of the people and increased the per capita income by nearly 20000 yuan

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