The hottest toluene was difficult to push up in No

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Toluene: it was difficult to push up the market in North China on the 30th

on Tuesday, the mainstream transaction level of toluene in Beijing and Tianjin in North China was 6300 yuan/ton, and the mainstream transaction level of toluene in Shandong was yuan/ton. The market transaction increased by yuan/ton compared with the previous day. The price of refined oil rose sharply again, stimulating the market transaction level to rise. However, the cost of downstream factories is difficult to borrow. Colleges and universities are an important measure of Guangya aluminum, and the on-site trading volume is not active. However, most of these are thermoplastic sandwich composites. Traders are bullish in the future. They are not in a hurry to wait and see, and w1=0.2g2/hz is shipped. The market presents a difficult upward situation. There is still room for price increase

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