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Advantages of bagged water compared with bottled water

Q: what are the advantages and disadvantages of bottled water compared with bagged water

answer: ○ it is easy to accumulate ash and water in the smart seat of the water dispenser

the bagged water is equipped with a special matching connector, so there will be no ash and water accumulation

○ the bucket is recycled repeatedly, and healthy people and patients are used in groups. If the water plant is not cleaned properly, it is easy to be infected by Liu Qiang, chief engineer of Zhejiang Jixiang Automobile Research Institute Co., Ltd

don't worry about using bagged water, just like drinking bagged milk

○ the barreled water needs to be supplemented by non disinfected air (that is, when you put water to drink, bubbles will be generated in the bucket). The secondary pollution is serious. Over time, a layer of greasy bacterial film will form in the tank of the water dispenser

through the principle of gravity, bagged water is no longer dependent on air when discharging, which naturally avoids secondary pollution

○ unscrupulous merchants are everywhere. Most people can't recognize the authenticity of bottled water, making some illegal traders who fake water profitable, and people become victims of money and health

the production process of bagged water is complex and sophisticated, with high quality requirements and large investment in production equipment, making those counterfeiters unprofitable, so naturally there is no need to worry about drinking fake water

○ the specification of barreled water is 18.5 liters, causing many ordinary families to drink a barrel of water for several weeks, resulting in barreled water not fresh and bacteria exceeding the standard

the water in bags is only 7.5 liters per bag, which can be drunk by ordinary families in 4-5 days. There is no need to worry about exceeding the standard of bacteria

○ the volume of barreled water is too large, so it is inconvenient to replace it, and it cannot be replaced in time when encountering weak people

the bagged water is small in size and easy to change. As long as men and women are adults, even the elderly can change it at any time, and they can drink it without waiting

○ the quality of barreled water cannot be guaranteed due to the extensive use of return barrels (commonly known as black barrels)


water is produced by using the composite PE film approved by the international health organization. It can be used in sequence, and the quality is more guaranteed

this requires the sharing platform of big data. Q: can you introduce your filling equipment

answer: at present, there are two kinds of specifications, one is to produce 5kg~9kg packaging, and the other is 5kg~12kg. The filling speed can be adjusted. Generally, it is 400~600 (bags/hour). The packaging weight can be adjusted arbitrarily within the specified range

ask: is the strength of bagged water enough? How to transport

answer: a 75kg person in our bagged water station will not be damaged. We have a special plastic turnover box for transportation, one box for every three bags

ask: how much is your equipment

answer: the national unified quotation: 168000 yuan/set for specifications below 9kg, 178000 yuan/set for specifications below 12kg

ask: can it be cheaper

answer: after visiting Shanghai to see the equipment and vigorously develop advantageous industries such as machinery and electronics and new material manufacturing, we will talk about it. According to your requirements, different configurations and prices are different. We will support the first local enterprise to buy our equipment. If you sincerely buy, please come to the company for an interview, which should not disappoint you

Q: I'm already familiar with your equipment, so I'm concerned about the price. You quote me the lowest price, and I'm deciding whether to buy it in Shanghai

answer: our company stipulates that you can only quote the national unified price in China. If it's convenient for you, please tell me the psychological price you can accept. I'll reply to you after asking the leadership. It's best for you to come to Shanghai for discussion. The problem won't be big

ask: why is the price of your filling equipment higher than others

answer: the equipment is invested at one time, so we should pay more attention to the manufacturability of the equipment; At present, the technical standards of filling equipment are formulated by us. Our equipment has an original two-step cleaning and two-step sterilization treatment, and the middle seal adopts an original three-layer reverse sealing technology. All electrical components adopt famous brand products. What's more, this equipment needs to be equipped with a special packaging film. This film is airtight and tasteless. It took our company a year and a half to find the correct formula of the film; Of course, our membrane is only equipped with our filling equipment

ask: Why are some connectors outside cheaper than yours

answer: our production plant has more than 50000 square meters. The quality of our products is reliable. More importantly, other similar products are fake products. They dare not take you to visit their production base, and they cannot provide relevant Health approval documents, and the after-sales service in the future cannot be guaranteed

ask: why don't you deal with fake products

answer: because the counterfeiter is very cunning, it is difficult to grasp the true evidence. If you can provide the information of the counterfeiter, we will severely punish the counterfeiter through legal weapons, and reward you at 33% of the verified total amount of counterfeiting

ask: can you explain why you want to buy Boqiang Dingwei products

answer: at present, our company is the only professional company that has a number of independent intellectual property rights to produce bagged water series products. It has:

1. It has a number of technical inventions

2. It has formulated the technical standards of bagged water filling equipment and the filling process

3. The production time is the longest and the sales volume is the largest. The equipment we produce has been tested by our customers for a long time, which proves that the technology is the most perfect and the use is the most stable

1. The warranty period of all products sold by our factory is 2 years. 4. The only enterprise that can fully support you: provide you with special filling machine for bagged water, packaging film, turnover box, (manual and electric) connectors, bagged water dispenser, suspended water dispenser, etc

5. The only equipment manufacturer that has obtained the qualified report of bagged water safety analysis

6. The only enterprise that can provide you with a full set of technical texts for handling QS certification

ask: what is the thickness of your film? What is the packaging cost of producing a bag of water

answer: our intima thickness is about 6.5 wires, and the cost is about 0.46 yuan; The outer bag is about 2 silk, and the cost is about 0.15 yuan. The cost of inner and outer bags is about 0.6 yuan

ask: how much does your membrane weigh in a circle? How many bags can be produced? What is the price of the membrane

answer: our price per ton of film is 26000 yuan, and each roll of film is about 50 kg, which can produce about 2800 bags (referring to 7.5 kg)

ask: why is your equipment heavier than others

answer: because our equipment is equipped with a membrane cleaning device, although the membranes used for bagged water in our company meet the sanitary requirements, it is inevitable that there are waste edges and wastes in the cutting of plastic membranes. If they are not cleaned, the consequences will be unimaginable if they enter the water, so the equipment produced by our company is relatively heavy

source: Zhonghua food machinery

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