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The advantages and disadvantages of foreign mold enterprises entering China are quite similar.

R & D and design of these mold production steps with high technical content are the weakest links in China's mold industry. Limited by this, China's mold industry is only the producer of the world's mold industry chain in the international division of labor

many foreign and domestic aluminum body manufacturing technologies will continue to mature, and famous mold manufacturers have settled in China, but they want to use the cheap labor and raw materials in the Chinese market. Although these countries 3. Power supply and wiring manufacturers invest in China to build factories to produce molds, their design and R & D links are still in their own countries, and China is just their production base. As we all know, mold design and R & D are the most valuable links in mold production. If you lose these links and only engage in manufacturing, the economic benefits will be very low

from this point of view, it is not something to celebrate that foreign mold manufacturers have settled in China, but it has deepened the mark of made in China. At the same time, their entry has also made China's local mold industry lose its traditional price advantage, increased the competitive pressure of China's local mold industry, squeezed their living space and shared their product market. As for the ability of the industry to raise pollution, the entry of foreign mold enterprises will bring advanced production technology. First, under the strict confidentiality measures of foreign mold manufacturers, the probability of leakage to local mold manufacturers in China is very small. To sum up, the disadvantages of foreign mold enterprises entering China far outweigh their interests

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