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The advantages of mapland's new high-performance sheet extrusion system are recognized

high speed sheet system from mapland company of the United States 4 The experimental machine with 0.5 and 1 precision adopts the technology of bartonfield extrusion technology company, which occupies less land and consumes less energy. Colleagues also have other advantages, including simpler machine operation, low maintenance requirements, short residence time, better quality polymer products, fast composite material switching/low refueling loss. All these advantages have attracted great attention in the field of experimental equipment for the tensile mechanical properties and reliability of municipal connectors and other related rigging

amc/bex - silicon magnesium aerated concrete hollow lightweight partition board jc680 ⑴ 99734 and amc/bex extruders can be used to produce PS, PP and other standard thermoplastic materials. The system is designed to provide PS and PP materials up to 1400 kg/h and 1100 kg/h output for each user. The bmctouch control of the system is characterized by a central control panel, a multi memory function of production settings, and a modem for remote diagnosis and monitoring

Figure 1: chuck szoke, a high-speed extruder who does sheet system marketing at mapland company in the United States, said: "the output of these machines is equivalent to a conventional extruder of 150 mm or larger. With the low energy consumption of motor and transmission mechanism technology and high output, the initial payback period will be 25-40% faster than the conventional system."

the high-speed/high-yield system includes the host and co extruder, melt pump, exchanger, extrusion die, roller group with cooling unit, sheet guide and inspection structure, extraction system, sheet collection unit, trimming unit and double workstation winder

The potential application fields of the high-performance sheet production line include the packaging of fresh vegetables and bread food, food display platters and party utensils, packaging covers, medical packaging and packaging of hardware equipment

American mapland company, Germany Battenfeld Extrusion Technology Co., Ltd. and China Battenfeld Extrusion System Co., Ltd. jointly develop processing machines, dies, screws and downstream equipment to provide customers with the overall solution of the required price and performance

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